Guide to Techwear Jackets

If you're first getting into techwear, finding the right techwear jacket can definitely be daunting as techwear jackets are often  very pricey and usually have to match the rest of your silhouette  to look right. 

That's why compiled a list of popular techwear jackets that you can wear without looking like a naruto cosplayer or a social outcast which can be sometimes a common problem for beginners.

The general consensus for the aesthetic of techwear jackets is that they should be generally minimal, dark and have some elements of tactical or futuristic design. The style of the pants can range from hoodies to windbreakers as long they fit this criteria and don't contain too many colors. The colors should generally be muted, either black, greys, or muted colors. But if you feel liberal you can classify any jacket that has some kind of modern technology of technological functionality like goretex as techwear.   That means even those basic heat-tech jogging fleece from UNIQLO can go become a part of your techwear wardrobe.

Example of a very conservative techwear outfit with a UNIQLO ULD.

A more conventional techwear jacket from Acronym. Price cost is $1600.

Another example of a conventional techwear windbreaker. Very affordable, only around $59.99. Can be purchased here.


The most popular color for techwear jacket tends to be black, but techwear fashion can it's always great to see techwear enthusiasts mix it up a bit with other colors. At the end of the day, the jacket you choose to go with should be something that suits your tastes and makes you happy. So we always recommend you to look for what best suits your taste and budget because technically a techwear jacket can be anything as long as fits into one or two of the rules for the criteria for the definition of techwear.

Here are some great techwear jackets from affordable brands you can consider.

ALLTERRAIN (Price Range: $20-60)

The Allterrain brand offers some simple yet sleek and aesthetic techwear jackets with great useful tactical functionalities like waterproof, breathable, and windproof fabric. We highly recommend this brand as its Japanese made and incredibly high quality yet very affordable for the beginner or any techwear enthusiast.

If you're looking for something that has more of that classic techwear military look within the same budget, you can look at one of our own best selling techwear windbreakers, the M65 Windbreaker. These are a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts as they offer all the necessary functionalities of a military grade windbreaker and subtle enough to help you blend in any setting. It is waterproof, windproof, and breathable and it will keep you warm from autumn to spring. 

ROSEN-STORE (Price Range: $200-400)

Rosen is a very unique techwear brand in that the aesthetic is inspired from traditional Japanese and Asian wardrobe. The style fits the silhouette and aesthetics of standard techwear and also has the daily practicality and functionality of any techwear jacket with its waterproof fabric and heavy warm pockets.

TRIPLE AUGHT DESIGN (Price Range: $200-500)

Triple Aught is one of those brands that are relatively unknown but carries some great looking techwear jackets. Definitely check them out.