The Best, Affordable Techwear Brands You Should Consider

Looking for some affordable techwear brands that don't sacrifice in quality and look just as good as the aesthetic of Acronym without breaking the wallet?

The growth and influence of Techwear continues to gain ground in the greater fashion industry. The bold aesthetic that comes with Techwear garments has been attracting so much admiration from leaders in the streetwear fashion business for a couple of years now. The charm of forward-thinking clothes that offer comfort and utility is really appealing. However, calling the outfit “techwear” can be pretty intimidating for newcomers looking to join the “tech-wear subculture.” 

The best way to start is to look at the definition of techwear. It can be referred to as everyday clothing that is built with unique fabric, properties, and construction that constitutes breathability, water-resistance, movement, and comfort. The techwear industry is currently into a significant competition when it comes to built-in technology that involves innovative construction of garments with higher price tags. This causes relatively unknown labels who manufacture techwears with the same futuristic flair and sell at budget-friendly prices to challenge those established marks on pricing. In this article, we’ll be looking at a number of these labels, highlighting affordable tech wear brands that you should keep an eye out for.

We compiled some alternative and more affordable techwear brands that other techwear enthusiasts are raving about.


Nemen is a brand that many techwear enthusiasts love because its style is simple and sleek, yet edgy enough to be considered techwear. Their jackets are pricey but definitely are not as expensive as Acronym. Average price range is from $300-450 but windbreakers can go up to $1200 USD.


The style of Veilance is definitely different from Acronym and other more mainstream techwear brands. They are incredibly simple and quite sleek, but still get the nod from the most veteran of techwear enthusiasts. Price range is around $400-1000 USD, not too much cheaper than Acronym but definitely worth the look.



image credit to Ustyles

This affordable techwear jacket is a softshell and men’s mid-season anorak, constructed with stretchy material. It is a regular fit made of articulated sleeves, plastic chin buckle and elastic cord for adjusting the hood. Besides, the Codered Ank offers you a built-in fleece mask that protects your face from cold wind and also functions as a scarf.  Among many other features are 2 large side pockets closed by water-resistant zips as well as its 2-flap lower-front pockets. Worthy to mention is the cotton cuffs with built-in thumbhole gloves in the absence of side pockets. Functionally, aesthetically, and comfort-wise this techwear jacket is very comfy and warm irrespective of how harsh winter becomes. 


 image credit to hypebeast

Cloudburst is an emerging label in the techwear industry that is on its way to becoming an established brand in the techwear world.  With a garment design that comprises of wide-ranging built-in details meant to help the wearer via its multiple functionalities, the CLOUDBURST turns to promote the notion of TECH.LOSOPHY. Besides, it is with high-tech textiles that the creators built the CLOUDBURST garments. The garments feel comfortable, making them perfect daily wear.

Cloudburst has a new Lookbook that is inspired by Akira's popular Comic. This anime comic book is a  theme for this lookbook. The Cloudburst garment feature trousers, long parkas, shell jackets, patchwork accents, with details that include cargo pockets as well as zipper enclosures. They also include a long silhouette, a hood and more


image credit to kijiji

Sportswear Tech Shield jacket is a product of the label Shield fabric and, as the name suggests, this jacket is designed to repel wind and rain. This model is cut to a mid-length finish, making it a straight fit for a relaxed daily outfit.  It consists of 1 zipped chest pocket and 2-side pockets for keeping your necessary stuff secure and easily accessible. Besides, it provides you articulated sleeves as well as a panelled hood which offers optimum protection and comfort. In the interior is a soft melange fabric alongside 2 branded internal carry-straps. This Sportswear Tech Shield jacket is a true construction of what a modern interpretation of outerwear should function and feel like.


image credit to hyebeast

0608WEAR is a South Korean label, and it is known for its tactical approach to techwear. The label made its latest collection based on tactical vests as well as convertible MOLLE bags. These vests, alongside all its varieties of tactical designs, are constructed for use in line with the convertible bags, MOLLE webbing use, plus compartments that create special wearable options for carrying stuff.

Condor Aegis

image credit to mg military

This is a hardshell jacket under budget. Condor Outdoors that constructs Condor Aegis jackets are based in  Irwindale, California, and now offering tactical gear.  The Condor Aegis label is a military brand that comes with state-of-the-art construction and features. This wet-weather proof jacket consists of waterproof hardshell material alongside zippers that will keep anyone in the harshest weather dry.


image credit riot division

Created by Ukraine-based fashion designers, Oleg Moroz and Andrey Titarenko, Riot Division is a pure techwear brand in every sense of the word. It’s on its way to joining the ranks of the best. Focused on military-style designs with functionalities engineered specifically for urban landscapes. Each piece of the Riot Division is similar to the wears that feature in William Gibson novel. A design that turns vests into rain jackets and bombers that include modular pockets.

This sophisticated garment gets the description, “functional uniforms for rebels of the modern metropolis,” This label provides garments that offer the wearers their needs. The Riot Division comes with the following features; an advanced bilateral down-jacket, jacket-anorak-bag, alongside cargo pants built with high-tech textiles.


image ccredit to lopme

This upgraded version of the shepherd family of techwear jackets is another step forward in the ever-transforming needs of the techwear industry.  Progression is fundamental, and none of the Shepherd Jacket’s shapes is born without its initial idea incorporated into it. The Shephard Jacket offers you a deeper exploration of quality and long-lasting materials. It is a military infused mountain jacket that has a clean construction meant to defend you against any harsh weather.

With a front-strap on its chest and a 100% quality nylon strap, fastened using YKK acetal hardware, the jacket fits perfectly well. Though the strap is designed to add more style to the jacket, it also makes fastening quicker. Also comes with slanted front pockets, covered with easy-access flaps for maximum accessibility.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Techwear fashion?

Techwear is everyday clothing with special fabric, styles, construction, and components that allow for comfort, breathability, movement, and water-resistance. The fashion can also include various tech gears design to work with the garment.

Where are Techwear garments made?

In a nutshell, techwear designs/garments are mostly made in multiple locations in the United States, Asia, and Europe.  Some labels/brands also have branches in other countries based on market demand.

How much do Techwear garments cost?

The cost of techwear garments or gear of any kind depends on a few things. The brand name/ label always signals a particular price range, either very high, modest, or cheap. The more a brand grows in popuplarity, the higher the demand which affects the price.