Guide to Techwear Pants

If you're first getting into techwear, finding the right pair of techwear pants can definitely be daunting as techwear pants often be very pricey and usually have to match the rest of your silhouette  to look right. 

That's why compiled a list of popular techwear pants that you can wear without looking like a naruto cosplayer or a social outcast which can be sometimes a common problem for beginners.

The general consensus for the aesthetic of techwear pants is that they should be tapered at the calf while being somewhat baggier on the top. The style of the pants can range from cargo, joggers, to dressing as long as it has that taper. That's not to say pants that aren't tapered can't be techwear. Techwear pants can technically be any pants that has some kind of useful functionality using modern technology like goretex fiber and high functionality like multi-pockets. That means even those basic heat-tech sweatpants from UNIQLO can go become a part of your techwear wardrobe.

The general color for techwear pants is black, but techwear fashion can't be canned into a set of arbitrary rules someone else laid out for you. At the end of the day, it's about your own research and what suits your everyday dressing style as long as it has some technological functionality and is harmonious with the rest of your tech outfit. 

Since we are assuming you are a beginner, we will show some techwear pants that will look good with a plain basic shirt or jacket like Keith from @keithtio in this picture. 

If you're just getting into techwear, and want to try something you can wear in common day settings, we highly recommend something subtle like the our Dual Commando's. They more or less are our  subtlest yet highly popular techwear pants that techwear beginners seem to really love and can be worn from autumn to spring.

If you're looking for something that has more of that classic techwear look, you can look at our very own best seller  Urban Soldier X Ninja II Pants. These are subtle enough to help you blend in any setting and boasts great utility with its multiple secured pockets and the the functionality of joggers. They will keep you warm from autumn to spring. 



Picture from Instagram @keithtio

So far our recommendations have been pants from our own site, but if you're looking for techwear pants from more mainstream brands, some top choices seem to be pants from Acronym and Nike. 

Riot Division(Price Range $90-200)

Riot Division is one brand you should definitely be looking for as a beginner to techwear as they are one of the most popular yet affordable brands for techwear enthusaists. They are designed with athletics in mind so a lot their pants are nylon.

Riot Division offers some aesthetic pants with well designed pockets, but their selection is somewhat limited. 

Nike (Price Range $150-200)

Nike ACG Cargos are a popular choice for any techwear lovers. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts as the Nike ACG Cargo Pants are all about stretchy comfort. Its articulated knee helps you move without restriction, so you can freely roam around urban streets or backwood trails. 


Acronym (Price Range $1000-1600)

Needless to say the techwear pants from Acronym pants are very aesthetic but they can break your bank as a lot of their pants price range are above $500.

But if you're ready to shell out some money for these pants, you can't really go wrong with Acronym