Guide to Techwear Shoes

If you're just starting out in techwear, finding the right type of shoes to match with your overall techwear silhouette can sometimes be overwhelming. Some techwear enthusiasts say your shoes must have a technological function, others say any pair of shoes that have an avant-garde or futuristic look is good enough. You may even already have a brand like Adidas or Nike in mind but they may often require you to break the bank. Hopefully this article can give you some tips on what other techwear enthusiasts are saying about finding the most suitable techwear shoe for you.

NIKE ACGS & LEBRONS ($160-300)

The general consensus for techwear footwear is that the style of the sneakers or boots should offer a functional take and look that places emphasis on a streamline silhouette or on a futuristic aesthetic. Some examples are Nike's Lebron Soldiers

or the Nike ACG's. These shoes are quite the go to choice for many techwear lovers as you can rarely go wrong with a pair of quality Nike's.

Other popular choices are high-top shoes like the Noci Highs. These offer no technical functionalities but look really futuristic and complements tapered cargo pants which is a common choice among the techwear enthusiasts. The downside is that it's a bit inconvenient to engage in physical activities, even driving with these shoes and are quite pricey.

ADIDAS SeeULater ($180-300)

The Adidas Seeulater that come in darker shades are another go to choice for Techwear enhusiasts. Generally you want to look for shoes with no seams or definitely do not want canvas shoes. Techwear is all about the the futuristic aesthetic and also functionality that allows you to wear it all year round in all kinds of weather situations during both indoor and outdoor activities. Techwear shoes also need to be breathable and lightweight so you should be able to wear them in both hot and dry conditions. Adidas SeeuLater offers all of these functionalities and aeshtetics of techwear shoe.


A lot of the techwear shoes seem to already come from athletic brands like Nike, so they can be work in both urban and outdoor rougher environments.  Some of the  Nike x Acronym Presto sneakers are perfect for their ability to be used in a sprint to a train if needed while also actively displaying their clout. They are also great because Acronym is a brand already dedicated to the Techwear aesthetic so Acronymn Prestos are usually prized and loved in the techwear community.


MUROEXE ( $70-150)

Look for materials that are as light and as durable as possible. Some great examples are  rail running shoes in the darker shades. Muroexe, a new German startup offers beautiful techwear style shoes that has high quality synthetic Ibex leather so if you're vegan or just love animals Muroexe would be the perfect choice for you. They are a bit more subtle and minimalist in the aesthetics department so if you're looking for something less flashy yet super sleek, this might be what you're looking for. 




As for technical construction, you can look for seamless, bonded uppers with no stitches. The smooth seamless look is futuristic and helps prevent snagging/tearing from abrasion. This aesthetic also seems to be the most go to look for techwear enthusiasts. It also allows for interesting paneling. 


Techwear shoes usually have some type of technology that enhances performance or protection in inclement conditions, like a Goretex membrane for waterproofing. Technically a more classic-looking sneaker can be considered techwear if it incorporates some of these properties even if it doesn't sport that ninja futuristic ninja aesthetic. For example, goretex adidas stan smiths can work with a semiformal tech fit.

Lastly, you can look for hardware adapted from other technical, tactical, or outdoors applications on a shoe. Nike likes to use a lot of standard release buckles on some of their military inspired stuff, the popular KMTR used a magnetic fidlock buckle, some outdoors shoes use the BOA closure system instead of traditional lacing.

Techwear shoes are based on the seasons

A techwear shoe is all about functionality and comfort. You should never sacrifice either of these for the aesthetic. So it should fit the season and weather conditions the user is currently in. 

If you're planning to do  a lot of walking in the summer a pair of Suicoke's is great. It's a waterproof, Vibram sole that is lightweight and breathable. This can worn for both spring and the summer shoes to reduce internal heat and make walking very comfortable. It also allow rain to pass through.

For non sandal heat, lighter rain days one could opt for Nike ACG KMRs, but they can become quite costly.


The fall / winter example tends to offer opposite functionalities; that is to keep heat in, keep moisture out and away from feet, and increase traction for for icy surfaces. The Nike Lupinek is a great example before discussing goretex boots.

What we recommend

If you're just looking for a safe techwear shoe, we highly recommend some of the shoes from Muroexe and also Nike listed above. We found many techwear enthusiasts love the Nike Mayfly Lite as it sports a great techwear look, is lightweight, durable, and most importantly will fit the bill. It can also be worn all year round in outdoor activities as well.

We at NinjaDark also offer some quality techwear shoes that can be worn all year round while boasting high functionality in outdoor activities.  Best of all, we made them  affordable  so they won't break the bank. Our current best seller as of March 2020 are the Urban Runners. they are lightweight, breathable, and offer Gortex technology while sporting that unique techwear look not offered in any other store.

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